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There are some countries that have earned themselves a name of culinary meccas, with world famous cuisines and iconic dishes everyone wants to enjoy no matter where they live. Some meals, desserts, flavors and candy, even some cooking techniques are on many people's wish list, if they haven't tried them already. 

The United States love themselves some delicious meals from all over the world, and massive, varied immigration has enriched its cities and towns with thousands of ethnic food restaurants and specialized shops where you can acquire ingredients and full meals from foreign countries. From Chinese and Thai food to Italian food, from Indian spicy food to Arab kebabs, you can try it all. Or can you?

There is a problem sometimes with authenticity, because in most cases these dishes will be made with local ingredients instead of the original recipe, and few of the people who make them actually come from those places in the world. Many pizza and pasta locals are run by American or Italian American people, and the same happens in other cases as well. Real food with imported ingredients and original recipes costs a fortune, and of course it's never the same as tasting it directly from the source. You can only access frozen food or dehydrated spices that just aren't the same.

French food lovers are well aware of this. You haven't really tasted French meals until you've gone to France. Those lucky enough will tell the difference. Once you try real French food, American copies are just a clumsy imitation for you. The thing is, French food is so special and its roots are so deeply buried in centuries of tradition, that it's virtually impossible to replicate. If you want the real thing, you need to get it right from France, but is there a simple way to do that?

Authentic French food in the USA

Importing French food is troublesome to say the least. Not only do you have to be very careful with your choices, to make it worth the while and the money, but also, importing food in general can be quite a nightmare. There are regulations for online shopping in the USA, which is never super simple, from credit card regulations to international mail paperwork and restrictions. This gets even more complex when it comes to fresh food, because there are sanitary and security measures that prevent many of these products from ever reaching the country.

So getting French food in the USA can be very challenging, but does it need to be? Isn't there a way to get authentic, fresh, delicious French food right to your doorstep, in a matter of a few days tops, all in perfect conditions, easy, practical and affordable? Well, the good news is that yes, there is in fact a way.

So all French food lovers and curious people altogether, take note on this very useful pro tip: if you want to enjoy real French food in your home or anywhere in the USA, then all you have to do is open your Internet browser and take a look at a great e-shop called Saveur du Jour.

Saveur du Jour, real French products at your doorstep

This e-shop is a blessing to all lovers of French products in the USA. It's here to make everything happen in a simple and quick way, so you can enjoy the fantastic French products without worrying even a bit. They have this amazing system of international shipping that connects France with the USA through FedEx and allows buyers in the States to access a large variety of original French products and fresh French food at their doorstep, with no hassle and no delays. So you can forget about international shipping issues and regulations compliance, because they work it all out for you.

So now your dream of tasting French food right from the source is within reach. Shop around at Saveur du Jour and fall in love with its fantastic galleries of French meals, desserts and products. At Saveur du Jour, not only can you buy macaroons, French candy and other fantastic food items, but also products from Provence, French gifts for all occasions, Paris souvenirs - you never have enough of those - and home decorations that will make any room look romantic, sophisticated and poetic with a simple touch.

It is always a delight to browse French products at Saveur du Jour and know they are so easily accessible now for you. Indulge yourself with the finest French products, and maybe buy some gifts for somebody special, they will be gladly surprised!

Finally, if you want to check for yourself, you can get more information on the Internet about importing food into the United States as well as FDA regulations that may apply.


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